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Auditoureum, my Twitter music "blog"

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When I was in college, I ran an unpopular music blog called MusicLeech. I thought my music taste was excellent (it's really not, and was even worse back then). I had a tiny readership but enjoyed it for a while. However keeping up with the newest music was exhausting due to the sheer amount of music that is released every day and the time it takes to write blog posts. Eventually I realized that trying to keep up with new music (let alone keeping an up-to-date blog about it) is a rat race. Like everything else, music should be listened to in moderation, otherwise it loses part of it's magic and efficacy.

Fast forward to 2021 and I still love posting about music, but I have a different method. I created a Twitter account (@auditoureum) which I use exclusively for posting music I like. I do it almost purely for myself as a record of my favorite music. I liked's scrobbling feature that tracks (no pun intended) all the music you listen to but curating my own feed is more fun.

Check the vibe, I'm @auditoureum on Twitter.

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